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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy emerged around 100 years ago, when osteopaths experienced subtle forces constantly at work within the body that can have a powerful healing capacity. It is a wonderful, gentle, non-invasive, holistic therapy that can benefit many conditions - physical, emotional or spiritual. Although there is as yet little scientific research to validate the effectiveness of CST, many people have had their own direct experience of how helpful it can be. It is always recommended that a client seeks a medical diagnosis for their condition. CST can work alongside conventional medical treatments where these are being undertaken.

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What is craniosacral therapy good for?

The therapy works to support and facilitate your body's own healing powers and as such tends to promote greater health and wellbeing, whatever the person's condition or illness. It can also enhance health, vitality and relaxation for those who are not suffering from any specific condition.

What happens when you have craniosacral therapy?

The therapist tunes into your system through their hands while you lie down, fully clothed. When the body is relaxed, inactive and being given skilled undivided attention, it begins to take the opportunity to express and resolve its problems.

From conception each person appears to have an original blueprint of health which the system never forgets and to which it is always trying to return. You are likely to feel deeply relaxed and may notice certain subtle sensations, or a sense of 'something happening,' often in areas of the body which have been injured, had surgery or that have not been functioning well in some way.

What is happening is that the fluids of the body are beginning to gather around areas where there are restrictions and imbalances of their normal healthy flow and movement. As they do so, the system begins to find its own ways of releasing tensions, compressions and blocks. As layers of restrictions are addressed in this way, the tissues soften, the fluids and energy can flow in a more vital way and health is progressively restored.

My Craniosacral Therapy background

After having had a series of craniosacral treatments, I decided to train as a a cranial therapist myself. I completed the training at the Karuna Institute under Franklyn Sills in 1996. I also trained with Mike Boxhall on his courses, 'Working with Insecurity' and 'Working with Spirit' and was inspired by his encouragement to 'Really Trust the Tide'.

To find our more or book a session

If you would like to find out more or make an appointment please call me on 01432 276966 or  07717 524860, or email me on


It is not possible to know how many sessions you will need in advance, as this depends on how acute or longstanding the problems are, your overall state of health and your sense of what you need. Some people come for a few weekly sessions and that is enough to heal, others benefit from attending every month or two over a longer period of time. We can talk about your particular needs and work out an arrangement to best suit your needs.

More information on Craniosacral Therapy can be found on the Craniosacral Therapy Association website.

Session fees


£60 individuals for one hour session.
£50 under 18s

Rates are reviewed in April.

I do charge the full fee if sessions are cancelled within less than 48 hours notice but always appreciate as much notice as possible so that session times can be offered to others. 

I don't charge a cancellation fee if we can re-arrange a cancelled session in the same week.

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