Mindfulness Courses

Notice during Covid pandemic:  while restrictions apply I will not be running any group mindfulness courses. but am happy to offer online one-to-one 8 week mindfulness courses or mindfulness-based individual or couple therpay sessions.

I teach group and one-to-one mindfulness courses in the Hereford area.  During the pandemic lockdown I am happy to discuss offering the mindfulness course online either for small groups or on a one-to-one basis generally using Zoom, although Skype, FaceTime and Whereby are possible alternatives.  If you are interested in participating in a mindfulness course please get in touch for details.  

The cost per person of 8 week group mindfulness courses:

The cost per person of a group course (more than 6 participants) is normally £200.  (This may vary if the course is offered for specific groups or venues).

The cost includes 8 weekly 2 1/2 hour sessions, 3 CDs of guided meditations, a course workbook.

For one-to-one, two person, or small group (5 or less people) 8 week courses the costs are on a sliding scale as follows:

1 to 1             : £560 total for 8 x one and a half hour sessions)

For 2 people : £400 total per person for 8 x 2 hour sessions)

For small groups of 3 to 5 people:  £250 - 300 total per person for 8 x 2 hour sessions 

An non-refundable deposit of £40 is requested at time of booking for all courses.

The balance of payment for the course is payable at the first session. Participants are asked to pay for the course as a whole at this point and cannot be re-imbursed for any missed sessions, or for sessions not attended because of dropping out of the course.

Payment in instalments is possible by negotiation if payment in advance is not possible because of financial difficulties. 

Please phone Wendy on 01432 or 07717524860 to enquire about courses.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing

Mindfulness has been taught within different spiritual traditions for centuries and the benefits have recently become recognised in the West.  Jon Kabat Zinn devised the original 8 week mindfulness course for stress reduction in the US and now versions of this are taught all around the world.  You can watch a 3 minute video clip of Kabat Zinn talking about mindfulness by copying and pasting this link into your web browser: 


Regular practice of mindfulness has been shown to promote mental and physical wellbeing in many ways.  Some people may want to do a mindfulness course to deepen and enhance their awareness and appreciation of life, others may be experiencing life difficulties of one kind or another and want to find an effective way to help themselves to come out of stress and experience more peace of mind.  There is a growing body of research which supports this approach. The NHS recognises mindfulness as an effective response to treat depression.  The Mental Health Foundation has published a report on Mindfulness in 2010 endorsing the positive effects of a mindfulness-based approach and this can be accessed on the website www.bemindful.co.uk where you can also see video clips about a mindfulness approach.

When we approach life mindfully, being more fully in the present with whatever we are experiencing, we can begin to feel more alive and can deal with our problems and difficulties more resourcefully.  Instead of staying tangled up in patterns of stress and unhappiness that we can't seem to find a way out of, we can get in touch with a sense of inner calm and steadiness and from this perspective we can see things more clearly and act more effectively. Over time our old habits of reaction can lessen, we may find we are listening more sensitively to our own needs and those of others, and being able to respond in different, more helpful and compassionate ways to life's challenges.

What happens on an 8 week mindfulness course?

  • The courses are experiential which means that the emphasis is on practising mindfulness rather than just learning about it from an intellectual perspective. In each session different ways of being mindful are introduced as guided practices and we also look at how mindfulness can be practised informally in everyday life. There is time to share experiences and to explore what comes up. What is talked about in the group is confidential but there is no need for anyone to refer to personal situations as we are cultivating different ways of relating to our experiences, rather than going into the content of the experiences themselves. The group is usually felt to be a safe place to be in, where respect and care for each other's differences and ways of being is valued.
  • Home practice is an important part of the course and participants are asked to commit to doing daily mindfulness meditation practice for the duration of the course with the help of a set of CDs. In this way by the end of the 8 week course each person can have a good sense of how to practise and how this can benefit them and can then choose to go on developing a mindful way of living in their own time and way.

Who can do the course?

Anyone who would like to find a way of increasing their sense of wellbeing and living more fully, effectively and calmly and who is willing to commit to coming regularly to the weekly sessions and following the home practice schedule can do the course. No previous experience of meditation is necessary and people who have benefitted from these courses have come from all kinds of backgrounds.

It is best to do the course when your life is in a reasonably stable place, so that you can give it your full attention and commitment. If you have any uncertainties about this do please phone me and I can talk it through with you.

I will be happy to talk about any queries you may have, either about doing the course or during the course.

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